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Auction Server v3.0 is a full featured auction web site like e-Bay. It has just about everything you need to run your own auction web site and can handle private or public auctions. It is written in cold-fusion and must have a server with cold-fusion server running with access database access available. You will need email and event access on the server as well. The software is in complete open source code to include the administration section, so you can customize every aspect of the software. Just load Dream-weaver (recommended) to edit the files and your set to make whatever changes you wish. Dream-weaver is preferred because a lot of the other programs change the code and in some cases will crash the software. Auction Server v3.0 is compatible with all know browsers at this time. Your only limited by your imagination on how and what to change or add to the software. If you would like a feature please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to implement it for you. Auction Server 3.0 is everything you need to build a top rated auction site like e-bay and u-bid.